Why Choose Organic Lawn Care?


What Is Organic Lawn Care?

Naturally Greener Lawns organic lawn care programs drastically reduce or eliminate lawn pesticides in the lawns of Northern New Jersey homeowners. Why have your current lawncare company spraying unnecessary pesticides all over your grass?

One of the fundamental principles of organic lawn care is to create good soil fertility conditions. It optimizes the biological and physical conditions of the soil.

Our Lawn Care Program consists of 8 treatments, completed in 6 visits over the course of the season. This program provides the essential nutrients that your lawn needs, in addition Organic Bio-Stimulants that increase your Turf's Natural Pest, Disease, and Weed Suppression. Our OrganiGrow Program uses organic and feed quality ingredients, such as, vegetable proteins, plant extracts, micronutrients, and plant oils to feed your lawn and help it resist insects and weeds.

Organic fertilizers feed organic matter to beneficial microorganisms and the root system in your soil. Instead of depleting the biological a ctivity, which is crucial for a healthy soil, Naturally Greener Lawns is increasing the activity.

A strong, lush lawn is only as good as its base, the soil. Healthy soil is driven by the organic activity that Naturally Greener Lawns will help you develop. Using straight synthetic fertilizers creates lawns that are addicted to high dosages of nitrogen and more prone to stresses.

Why Use Organic Lawn Care?

  • Your Lawn Will Be Healthier

    Many lawns are "addicted" to massive infusions of fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides. These common practices lead to lawns that are not able to defend themselves against pests, as well as lawns with shallow roots that are vulnerable to drought.

  • The Environment Will Be Healthier

    Your lawn may be small, but the cumulative impact of pesticide, fertilizer, and water use on all the lawns across North America is huge. If you don't use chemicals on your lawn, they can't run off and hurt the wild lands, farms or water sources near you, nor can they harm you, your family, or your neighbors.


Is Organic Lawn Care Expensive and Less Effective?

It's a comparison of apples and oranges. Since organic products function by building up "life in the soil," or soil biology, their payoff is more long-term and lasting. Synthetic products, by their nature, are instantaneous and must be frequently reapplied in greater amounts to maintain the appearance of the grass.

Yes, our OrganiGrow 100% Organic Lawn Care Program is more expensive than a Current Synthetic Program. If budget is a concern we also over our EcoGrow program that reduces pesticides by 95% while using a blend of organic and synthetic fertilizers.

The Bottom Line

There are multiple reasons why organic products are the best choice in lawn care. They are people, pets and environmentally friendlier than synthetic fertilizers and pesticides; They improve the quality of the soil, which will have an increased ability to retain water and nutrients; Organic products will significantly reduce pests by restoring balance to your lawn's ecosystem; You will benefit from reduced maintenance in mowing, watering and fertilizing because you will have a naturally stronger and healthier lawn.

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