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Organic Grub Control



Have you been looking for a natural way to kill grubs in your lawn? An organic grub killer? Are you concerned that your lawn might be at risk for Grub Damage? The good news is that you can control grubs without using chemicals!

Seeing Spots Like This In Your Lawn?



White Grubs, which are the larvae of Beetles (Japanese, Masked Chafer, etc.), lay eggs in the soil during the Summer. Grubs emerge and start feeding on your lawn in the early Fall. Sadly, by the time grub activity is discovered, the damage has already been done. The lawn will turn brown quickly and pull up like carpeting, due to extensive root damage. The cost to replace a damaged lawn could be expensive.

Our Organic Grub Control is the environmentally safe way to go. Did you know that the popular chemical grub treatments have been linked to the death of thousands of birds and the collapse of the honeybee colonies?


Organic Lawn Care, Because We Care!

Naturally Greener Lawns is a local family-owned organic lawn care service that prides itself in using only high quality lawn products and providing personalized customer service.

  • - Our results are guaranteed when you use NGL. We strive to exceed your expectations.
  • - We utilize several OMRI (organic material review institute) Certified Products.
  • - Bee Safe. With the declining bee population becoming a large concern, we use new cutting-edge bee-safe products.
  • - We offer a wide range of services from organic-based lawn care to organic pest control.
  • - We're happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a FREE estimate for your property.
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