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About Naturally Greener Lawns

Are you looking for a healthy, weed-free lawn without harsh chemicals?

At Naturally Greener Lawns, we started from a desire to bring a more family and environmentally friendly option to lawn care. Being a family owned and operated business, this subject started at the kitchen table and grew to be a passion for us. As an outdoors family and involved in the green industry, conserving nature's beauty and resources has always been near and dear to our hearts.

Blazing a new trail isn't easy. It's why most larger and older lawn care companies don't change. But change is necessary. For years and years, we've been treating grass as if it were the problem, while all along ignoring the fact that grass takes its nutrients from soil. We have been treating the symptoms, but not the root cause. At Naturally Greener, we think of ourselves as less of a grass company and more as soil advocates. By fixing the soil and adding biology back into it, we achieve a lawn that is healthier, happier and looks better overall - all while using significantly less harsh chemicals!

Sustainability, Degenerative vs Regenerative Lawn Care

The buzz word that people are using today is Sustainability. But what does that mean? It means sustaining what we have today. But if the system is broke, does it make sense to sustain it?

Currently, many lawn care programs are degenerative. Several are destroying the soil biology and adding harsh chemicals that may eventually end up in our water. Quite simply, degenerative is where a lot of lawns are right now.

Regenerative is how we build our lawn care program. Regenerative is basically enriching the soil with what it needs naturally so plants can grow. Back 50 years ago or so, it was common place. Gardeners, like my grandfather, used decomposing leaves and horse manure to enrich the soil before planting. He would dredge a swamp on the property and use that rich, black muck for fertilizer. He was essentially putting the biology back into the soil and it worked with amazing results. That's what our grasses need to grow in to establish a good root system that will stand up against drought, and pests and use! At Naturally Greener, we use products with similar organic make-up to do what was successful 50 years ago.

And Sustainability?

Yes, that is the end goal. But most lawns are simply not there yet. Most lawns are reliant on chemicals to thrive. They are biologically dead. Through regenerative land care, we will once again build healthy lawns with the end goal of sustainability.

Our Method: The Environmental Impact Quotient (EIQ) Calculator

At Naturally Greener Lawns, we build our lawn care program using Cornell University's Environmental Impact Quotient (EIQ) calculator. Ask your lawn care company if they have even heard of it! It was devised to determine the environmental impact of most commonly used pesticides (insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides) in agriculture and horticulture. EIQ takes into consideration the pesticide's impact on the customer, the environment and our applicator. So, for instance, a 4-step, do-it-yourself program from one of the big "box" stores has an EIQ (environmental impact) of 81.8. Our current, typical Ecogrow program, which is our most popular program, has an EIQ of 22.6. That is a 72% reduction which equates to being better for you, the environment and our applicators! Our ultimate goal is to reach an EIQ of 0!

We offer two programs at NGL

Our OrganiGrow program and our EcoGrow program are customized Organic Lawn Care Programs in Northern New Jersey that gradually eliminate the need for chemicals and pesticides without sacrificing the appearance of your lawn. Pick which one is right for you, or request a free lawn care analysis and let us help you decide!

About OrganiGrow
OrganiGrow Program

OrganiGrow is for those looking for a 100% organic lawn care. No pesticides usage whatsoever while also reducing pest problems. It is effective, but it is for those who want to go down a non-conventional path and can deal with their lawn looking a little less tame, with some weeds. It has an EIQ of 0, but most lawns do not have the biology to immediately support our OrganiGrow program.

  • No GMO's
  • Corn Gluten Meal
  • Custom Organic Fertilizers
  • Slow Released Nutrients
  • Root and Soil Stimulation
  • Steady Growth
  • No 2-4,D, Dicamba, Glyphosate, Prodiamine
About EcoGrow
EcoGrow Program

Our EcoGrow program is for lawns that need a little more help getting back on their feet which is the status of most lawns. This program will help rebuild your soil through the regenerative process we discussed above. By using low impact products and studying EIQ's, we are able to offer you a program that uses 72% less chemicals than a big name program and still achieve the same, if not better results, at the same price. As we build your soil over the next few years, the end goal is to get your EIQ to 0 and use our OrganiGrow program to maintain it. The EcoGrow program is our top selling service and we highly recommend it.

  • Organic-Based Fertilizers
  • Pro-Biotic beneficial package
  • Spot Broadleaf Weed Control
  • Reduces Broadleaf Herbicides by 95%
  • Uses reduced risk products that pose less risk to human health and the environment than existing conventional alternatives.

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