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Backyard Bug Busters - Our Organic Tick & Mosquito Control Division



Take back your backyard with our organic sister company, Backyard Bug Busters. We offer natural solutions to suppress the pests in your yard.

Living in suburban northern New Jersey certainly has its pluses. The beautiful wooded areas, lakes and ponds combined with the close proximity to the mountains, the shore and the metropolitan NY area surely makes it unique and a wonderful place to live. But all this beauty and convenience also comes with a few challenges (besides the traffic)...bugs! And in Jersey, we have 'em. Specifically, we are referring to mosquitoes and ticks. And besides being pesky, these biting bugs come with disease!

Our proprietary product is an all-natural product made with 100% organic ingredients that will repel ticks and mosquitoes. It is administered in a barrier spray program and applied where these nuisance insects breed and dwell. The average residual repellent benefit against these insects is an average of 21 days. This product is safe to use around children, pets and wildlife.

Propriety Treatment, Guaranteed Results

Our proprietary spray controls both ticks and mosquitoes; there is no need to pay for double treatment options. Plus, our treatment options are environmentally friendly - we have children, dogs and cats too!

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