EcoGrow, 95% Chemical Free Lawn Care

Our Hyrbid Program: EcoGrow

Our EcoGrow program is for lawns that need a little more help getting back on their feet which is the status of most lawns. This program will help rebuild your soil through the regenerative process we discussed above. By using low impact products and studying EIQ's, we are able to offer you a program that uses 72% less chemicals than a big name program and still achieve the same, if not better results, at the same price. As we build your soil over the next few years, the end goal is to get your EIQ to 0 and use our OrganiGrow program to maintain it. The EcoGrow program is our top selling service and we highly recommend it.

The EcoGrow Lawn Care Program consists of 8 applications completed over the course of the season. This program provides the essential nutrients that your lawn needs, in addition to insect and weed suppression. Our applications are a mix of nutrients and beneficial soil biology which give your grass an advantage over weeds. We take the time to spot treat each weed rather than blanket spraying the entire lawn with unnecessary chemicals.

We strive to have all our customers on organic programs, but we understand this may not always be possible in certain situations depending on environmental conditions. Our EcoGrow program is designed to give your lawn the best of both the synthetic and organic sides of lawn care. EcoGrow provides a significant reduction in lawn pesticide while improving the overall health and appearance of your lawn.

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