Turf Tips

7 Healthy Turf Tips to Get You Started

Healthy Turf Tip #1

Switch to natural or natural based fertilizers. Organic fertilizers are made from naturally occurring plant, animal or mineral sources such as alfalfa, corn, bone meal, manures, limestone and sulfate of potash. These fertilizers become a food source for all the beneficial organisms in soil that in turn excrete digested material as new food available for the grass plants.

Healthy Turf Tip #2

Mow high, water deep and aerate soil as needed. Mow grass on the long side (3" – 3.5" is recommended) using a sharp mower blade. Longer grass will naturally block out light that weed seeds need to germinate as well as encourage a longer, deeper, more insect and drought resistant root system.

Healthy Turf Tip #3

Leave clippings on the lawn as food for the soil (rake out any clumps) and refrain from mowing while the grass is wet.

Healthy Turf Tip #4

Turf only needs about 1 inch of deep watering per week. Water early (5AM – 8AM is suggested) and for concentrated periods. Frequent, light watering will foster a shallow root system that leaves the lawn more susceptible to disease, insect pests, weeds and drought stress.

Healthy Turf Tip #5

Aerate. Hard, compacted soil initially may need help with mechanical aeration in order to loosen up any clay materials. Well aerated soil is important for water retention and drainage as well as nutrient dispersion deep into the grass root zone.

Healthy Turf Tip #6

Test your soil. While not mandatory for a successful lawn care program. Test results will show what your soil's strengths and weaknesses are (such as soil pH and N, P and K levels). Based on the test results, you can decide which natural fertilizers and soil amendments you actually need to add to improve your soil's health.

Healthy Turf Tip #7

Overseed. Often overlooked in any lawn care program is the task of overseeding. It is important to understand that a grass plant does not live forever. Overseeding compensates for the natural reproductive slow down of grass by injecting a shot of youth to your turf via the addition of new seed.

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